Gillette Venus : Subscribe to Smooth Event

Smooth skin is now a shave away with Gillette Venus’s new launchKalki Koechlin unveiled the most revolutionary hair removal product for women , Gillette Venus Breeze in Hawa Hawai style at a recent event held at J W Marriott, Kolkata, exclusively organised for the media and fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers. Also present at the event was Venus beauty expert , celebrity dermatologist Dr. Rashmi Shetty who briefed us on shaving and the myths surrounding it.

At an interactive session, the two shaving advocates were seen encouraging Indian women to break away from conventions , refresh beliefs and embrace change with respect to their evolved lifestyles and beauty regimen.

Keeping up with the new lavender cast Gillette Venus Breeze , the stage was lit up in similar colours. Indeed a fun afternoon as we interacted with our fellow bloggers and sipped onto some refreshing mocktails. Soon anchor Kavea Chavali took over the stage and instantly had us smiling with her pleasantries. 

Kalki made her appearance in Hawa Hawai style, on a revolving prop with a giant Gillette Venus Breeze next to her. The two had a sincere conversation as they discussed about their shaving experiences. Kalki shared her stories with us as to how she moved to using the sophisticated technology like Gillette from using a “2 Rs ” razor in boarding school which left her with cuts.

We were then joined by Dr. Rashmi Shetty. While Kalki shared her beauty secrets and her love for the newly launched Breeze , Dr. Rashmi Shetty recommended shaving as the safest and most convenient method of hair removal for women.

It is the perfect  addition to any beauty routine and nothing makes hair removal as painlessly smooth and effortless than Venus Breeze. So grab one today and try it for yourself!

A full review on the Gillette Venus Breeze will be up on the next blog so stay tuned for that loves.

Love ,

Sushmita 💜


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