Ola Prime Presents Restaurant Week India : Kolkata- Kalash, HHI

Ola Prime presents Restaurant Week is the largest pan-India culinary events spanning over 10 days in 6 cities and gives discerning food enthusiasts the opportunity to dine at some of India’s finest restaurants at a fraction of a la carte rates. Restaurant Week India starts today, 16th September and will run up till the 25th September. This year, Restaurant Week made its debut in Pune and is featuring some healthy and diet friendly options on the Restaurant Week menus. These menu items will include gluten free, vegan, low carb and low sugar options for health conscious diners. There is a set menu from which you can choose from in the select restaurants in Kolkata with just 900/- plus taxes each. You can book your table now www.restaurantweek.com

Ola Prime will be providing complimentary rides (up to INR 150 one way), to and from the restaurant week meals. Ola customers will also get a waiver of the INR 60 booking fee per person.

I went to Hotel Hindustan International’s Indian Restaurant, Kalash. It was my first time in Kalash but the warmth that I got from the staff and the ambience in total made me feel like home. At that point nothing could be better than starting our meal with deep fried cheese wrapped in pastry!


Paneer Chandni Kabab – one of the best paneer dishes I’ve tasted. The paneer was extremely soft. The chef went a little creative on this, keeping a center of the paneer full of pungent, green chutney and grilled to perfection.

Murg Badami Tikka – True to its name, there was a lot of almond in this dish making it one of its kind. The chicken is stuffed with almond, coated with cream and yogurt and grilled. The combination is great and I loved how delectable it was.

Lazeez Pasliyan – This starter was my favourite out of all the dishes I tried there! The right mix of ingredients and spices resulted in this beautiful, melting in the mouth dish. The lamb was cooked perfectly keeping its softness intact. Definitely a must try at Kalash. 

                                                                          Main Course 

Fish Tawa Masala – The gravy was a bit sour and the fish was not very soft too. But overall, having it with the vegetable biriyani made it a good combination.

Paneer Lababdar – The paneer was again soft, good mix of spices. The paneer was properly flavoured. A good dish for the vegetarians to order.

Vegetable Biryani – It was a little spicy and tangy, nicely presented. It tasted very good with the raita which they served alongside the biryani.

Mutton Rawa – This mutton dish had a hint of Bengali style. The moment I tasted it, reminded me of the way mutton is cooked at Bengali’s. The succulent mutton is perfect to have with naan, that’s what I had it with and it just blew my mind. Even though I was full but I couldn’t help myself from digging into this combination!

As they say, kuch meetha ho jaye, so how could we not try their most recommend desserts? We had four options- Kesar Kulfi, Gulab Jamun, Mishti Doi amd of course Rasogolla. 

I liked the Kesar Kulfi the most. I don’t like too much of sweet so this kulfi had the less amount of sweetness, just the way I like it and just what I needed after that mind boggling lunch! 

This was only of one Indian restaurant I.e, Kalash. There are so many other fine dine restaurants in Kolkata featuring different cuisines. Choose your favourite restaurant and book your table fast before it’s too late! www.restaurantweek.com


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