5 Topwear you need this season!

Hi guys!

I hope all of you are doing good. I am back with another exciting post featuring 5 Topwear you need to own and slay this season! Now, these 5 tops are not only in trend right now but also they are my favourites. I would be more than happy to sport all the styles below everyday! 

So without wasting more time lets get onto it.


The off shoulder craze is big and how! All the people who are regular on Instagram definitely must have witnessed it. I love how an off shoulder top can be paired with almost everything. Be it jeans or skirts- you will definitely end up looking like a stunner. It’s fun, flirty, elegant, classy, you’ll never look over dressed and definitely not under dressed. Koovs.com has the best off shoulder tops as far as I have seen. So do check it out and order one for yourself NOW! It’s a total must have this season. 

   Shop Here

  Shop Here


As you can see, this season is all about showing off em shoulders! And the best part being you don’t have to be a certain size to wear these tops. For all the times you don’t want to show off too much of your skin but still want to look great, this is the top you need to wear. It can be worn for a casual look as well as a party wear just by accessorising the whole look. It’s fun , casual , chic and my go to top now a days. You can check out brands like ONLY, StalkBuyLove and Myntra for cold shoulder tops.  

  Shop Here

  Shop Here


Dreamy and farytale like is what comes to my mind when I think if a bell sleeve top. And I’m so glad that this style exists! A white bell sleeves top paired with blue jeans, tucked in would look so good. Also, pairing it with a high waisted pencil skirt or denim skirt will look wonders! I’m totally in love with these tips and I won’t be guilty to own as many as I can. Stalk Buy Love has gorgeous bell sleeves tops. You’ll definitely be spoilt for choices.   

 Shop Here

  Shop Here


      4.  MESH TOP

Meshing it up is one of this season’s key trends. This season is all about mesh tops and dresses. For all the times you want to look sporty and chic and play peekaboo – this is exactly what you should reach out to! I’m dfinitely crushing on this trend right now. You can find many of these in Vero Moda stores. Their autumn collection is all mesh-ed up!

  Shop Here

Shop Here


This top is definitely going to top all the charts of party wear this season! The only task is to find the right deep neck. The idea is to  look sexy and not vulgar. Now many people will not be comfortable wearing this. But I think just wearing an inner of the same colour as the top will solve the problem. According to me this ones a total must have for a party! Unfortunately you will not find it in stores in kolkata. You can find it in Myntra from Forever 21

 Shop Here
I hope you guys liked this blog. Do tell me your thoughts on this one in the comments section below and if it helped you to make a purchase! 

Happy shopping guys!


Sushmita ❤️


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