Bohemian Rhapsody! 

Hello loves,

Hope you all are doing good. Now, this post is one that I’ve been wanting to shoot since a very long time. And I’m glad I finally did it! So without any further adieu let’s get onto the look.

Nothing is more appealing than slipping into a whimsical free-flowing clothing that flounces with every step. And this outfit is just that. I picked up this dress from Forever 21. The first thing which caught my eyes was the lace detailing on the sleeves, the major reason why I bought it! Anything with little bit of lace attracts me a lot. And this dress here has very cute lace detailing and the tie up in the neck area which instantly appealed to me and i was left with no other choice than to buy it.

The look that I’ve tried to create is very flirty and bohemian. It’s a free flowing, simple dress. To pretty things up, i’ve put on a hair band which has an elastic portion at the back to hold the hair and some bangles. I’ve kept my make up simple too, little on the bronze side. Not adding much colour to my cheeks and lips. I have put on 2 colours on my lips – Lakme 9-5 crease-less lipstick in the shade Rosy Sunday and then dabbed some Miss Claire lip cream in the shade no 15 on it.

I’ve tried something new with my hair. As you must have seen I don’t try out many hairstyles but with this look I just had to! Now, this hairstyle us inspired from Alia bhatt’s hairstyle from ‘Kar gayi chull‘ song. At first, I was sceptic about it but I really liked the end result. It took me not more than 2 mins to do this hairstyle and i’m definitely going to try this more often!


Do recreate this hairstyle and let me know how you liked thia look! It means a lot to me. And dont forget to share, like and comment !

Until next time,



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  1. Love the hairstyle! Unfortunately, I can’t recreate it since I have short hair. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! You can recreate this look even with short hair. Why don’t you give it a try! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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