Sylph Chocolates 

Thinking of Giving sweets and boring gifts for birthdays or invitations? Think again! Because Sylph presents to you the best possible deal. From delicious Box of high-quality chocolates to Chocolate Bars, Flavoured Chocolates, Sylph Slides, Jars & Shots.  

 Based in kolkata, Sylph is a complete bliss for all the chocoholics! The usual 16-piece box includes flavours like mint, orange, caramel, paan, strawberry and nut. The collection comes with the name written at the back of the chocolate. With perfectly executed flavours and an eye popping array of shapes and textures, this Sylph box of assorted chocolates are what I am reaching to every now and then!

The flavours are subtle enough to really let the chocolate shine. Sylph distinguishes itself by combining unusual yet complementary flavours. It offers a full sensory experience, which is part of the reason to give boxes chocolates in the first place. My favourite among these being Paan and strawberry flavour. It was as though I was having paan and strawberry in actual! It definitely has the right mix of ingredients- neither less, nor more. 

Sizes available for the boxes are 9, 12, 16 & 20. They customize according to your requirements & do not compromise on the taste. Order for yourself and see it. One of the best flavoured chocolates I have had recently. So I recommend it to you guys to try!  

For corporate gifting orders and other enquiries, contact USHA TIBREWAL +919339858833

I hope you liked this blog  do let me know in the comments section below when you try this out! 


Sushmita ❤️


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  1. Rice N Dine says:

    This is interesting! And the packaging is so pretty! 🙂


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