Bold And Beautiful 

Being a girl is probably the best thing that could happen to a girl. But a girl being bold and beautiful is just the best way you could lead your life. Now by bold I do not in anyway mean to wear bold clothes or makeup. Bold is a way one could feel or think, irrespective of how bold their attire looks. Freedom lies in being bold. Rightly said by Robert Frost. 
I shot this look at one of my favourite places to hangout in town at the moment- Shisha. The Bar Stock Exchange. BSE truly defines being bold and beautiful ! From the ambience to decor to crowd- it’s got such a feel good vibe in there.   



Coming to the look :

Being in total sync with the place, I chose to wear this gorgeous mustard dress from Forever 21. This dress is so classy and fabulous. To add some edge to the otherwise plain outfit, I donned the bohemian neckpiece which is also from Forever 21. Now, this neckpiece is a total game changer. It added so much more glamour and bold look to the outfit as you can see.  


Coming to makeup and hair : 
I tried doing beachy waves to my hair. I’ve tried to do a grunge look on my face. With contour and highlight game being strong followed by dark lips. This lipstick is my current favourite- Loreal Paris The star collection in Pure Garnet. This one is a total must have according to me. Works great on all skin types! 



 Hope you guys liked this look! Do comment in the section below to tell me how you liked the look. Also, don’t forget to like, follow and share! 


Sushmita 💛


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