“Ours is an affirmation to bring you nature’s goodness with honesty and responsibility. So when you pick up a SoulTree product, you buy into a promise that few offer today” -SoulTree 

SoulTree is India’s first range of Certified Natural Beauty Products. Their products are built on respect for nature and for people, banishing harmful chemicals from their products. 

The SoulTree Promise : 

  • Certified Natural by Germany’s BDIH certification agency.
  • Plant ingredients are sourced from certified Organic farms. 
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified 
  • Freshly made and in-house
  • No harmful chemicals 
  • Against Cruelty & for Recycling 

SoulTree sent me their ‘SoulTree Xplore’ Pouch. This pouch is very useful and convenient when you’re travelling and don’t want to carry big bottles of creams, shampoo, shower gel, etc. These products are of perfect size to carry while travelling. Also, very economic- ₹350 for 4 products. 

The 4 products are : 

  1. Indian Rose with Coolong Vetiver 


    It is a shower gel. Organically cultivated Indian Rose known for its skin smoothening qualities is collected at dawn to make pure rose water. It is then blended with the cooling extracts of Vetier ( khus) and luscious Aloe to make this aromatic Ayurvedic bath gel. A soap free, soothing and skin toning cleanser. 

        2. Apricot Oil & Honey with Kokum Butter 

     This fragrant, non-greasy skin care piton is a blend of vitamin-rich oil cold pressed from ripe Himalayan Apricots, organically cultivated aur edit herbs, and wild honey. It is further infused with Kokum butter, known for its hydrating and regenerating properties to keep your skin naturally moisturised, supple and smooth. 

        3. Tumeric & Indian Rose with Forest Honey 

     This face wash is for dry to normal skin. Organic Tumeric combined with fresh extracts of Indian rose, aloe and forest honey makes this a moisturising face wash that keeps skin clean and naturally soft. Regular use keeps your skin clear, supple and fragrant. 

        4. Triphala with Conditioning Henna


    Known in Ayurveda as Triphala (three fruits), fresh extracts of organic Aamla, Bhibitaki and Haritaki bring their cleansing and strengthening properties into this hair revitalising shampoo. Making it richer and more nourishing are the regenerating and conditioning properties of henna, shikakai and Bala blended into a natural protein base to care for your hair from hair to tip. Regular use prevents damage, premature hair loss, and leaves your baje clean and naturally soft. 

    Packaging :

    These 4 products come in a cute little jute pouch. It comes very handy while you’re travelling. The best part being the bottles don’t leak. I was expecting them to leak when I was opening but I was very impressed seeing that everything was intact indeed! So a big thumps up for this SoulTree Xplore pouch. 

    I hope you guys liked this post. Don’t forget to comment, like, share and follow! Have a great day loves. 

    Lots of love,

    Sushmita ♥️


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