Valentine’s Special

Hello loves!

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate love in style. Being madly in love will always be in fashion but here’s how you can make it more stylish! If this day means special to you, you should also make sure that you feel and look special too. And for that you need to be well dressed and blow em boy’s minds! 

The look I have created here is very feminine, soft and pretty. For all you lovely people who like to keep your look soft, subtle yet classy, this ones for you. 

For all the people still wondering where to celebrate the Day of Love, here is Cafe 4/1 at your rescue!          I shot this look in a very cute cafe which recently opened in Kolkata- Cafe 4/1. It is located in Camac Street area. I think if you are planning for a  breakfast or brunch then you should really go to this place. The cafe looks very romantic, perfect for a cute little date!  



Coming to the outfit :

What better day to wear a dress that not only makes you feel like a princess but also flaunts your curves? I couldn’t find a better dress for Valentine’s Day. This dress is cute, subtle and not over the top at all. You can wear it for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner anything. The only trick is you should know when to wear the accessory, lipstick and when not to. 

I wore the accessory only because this is a Valentine’s Day look. If you won’t dress up on this day then when will you? I bought this gorgeous neckpiece from Colaba (Mumbai). I paired this beautiful dress with my favourite block heels from Forever New. Ive also worn a watch which adds so much class to the look!   


Coming to makeup and hair :
Since this is a morning look, ive not gone heavy with the makeup. Just a winged liner, few dabs of red lipstick, highlighter and that’s about it! 

For my hair, I’ve curled them using a straightener. It is extremely simple and takes no time at all! I’ll soon do a video and post on my YouTube channel. But for those who don’t want to use heat, you can always try this trick : 

Style tip : Braid your hair normally the night before the actual day. Next day when you get up you’ll open it up, you’ll see wavy hair! Yes, this is a very easy method of getting wavy hair without having to use heat! Do try it!    



Dress : Forever 21
Neckpiece : Colaba
Watch : Bling
Shoes : Forever New

I hope you enjoyed this look! Let me know in the comments below how you liked it and if you need any advice!

Love Sushmita 💙


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  1. cute dress! the accessories really help elevate the outfit and make it look glam! I also posted up a new outfit on my blog! come by and let me know what you think of it!

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